Energy Saving Windows

How We Helped Our Community Save Millions

This shouldn’t come as a surprise: high temperatures result in high energy bills. 

Imagine… it’s July, the sun is beating down, your house is unbearable, and your only solace is cranking down the thermostat. Why wastefully blast the AC all summer when there is such an easy way to cut down how long you need to keep the air cranked?

Buying New windows.

The U.S department of Energy says you can save up to $583/year when you replace single-pane windows. 

Since double-pane windows last anywhere from 10 to 20 years means that you can potentially save up to $5,830-11,660 dollars on energy costs (not including gas bills); not to mention the fact that those same windows increase the value of your home or building in the process (click here to see our options.) 

This fact means that through the over 20,000 combined residences, apartments, offices, highrises, etc. we have helped, we will have potentially produced saved energy costs of 100 MILLION dollars or more over time; and the number Just. Keeps. Growing. 

The one reason that people don’t want to be involved in the millions of dollars we save our community over time is for one reason and one reason only…

People see a price-tag – not the wasted energy and heating bills they accrue over the years.

Look, we get it… people view window purchases as a daunting decision, but month in and month out those same people don’t consider the cost of their bills.

Investing in new windows, EVEN WITH the cost of financing (click here to see our options), is a drop in the bucket compared to the wasted energy savings that happens with outdated single-pane windows; especially when coupling the savings with the increase in home value.

With dual-pane windows that absorb and trap heat in pockets of gas in-between the panes, you can be apart of the savings. If you’re interested to see that seemingly off-putting price tag now that you know about how much you can save, click here to contact us for a free no-pressure estimate on your energy-saving windows & doors.