Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy replacement windows or doors through Hardy Windows?

Before you buy replacement windows and doors from any company, you should do some research! Like the following:

  • Contractor License Status. Our license number #904342 is active and in good standing.
  • Better Business Bureau. We have an A+ rating.
  • References. We have THOUSANDS of references available on request. Over 40% of our business comes from referrals!
  • Insurance Policies. We are fully licensed and insured.
  • Installers. Our installers are professional, experienced, and not contracted.
  • Selection. We carry over 30 different brands of quality products.
  • Product Quality. We use the highest quality products and materials.

After all, even high end windows are only as good as their installation. Getting this part right is extremely important.

What are the top factors to consider in purchasing new windows?

There are many reasons homeowners choose to get their windows replaced. Some are functional, others are aesthetic, and others are some combination of the two. There are some pretty common reasons to think about if you’re on the fence about the need for new windows.

Savings on Home Energy Bills
Home energy bill savings is a huge motivating factor for a lot of people who choose to get new windows. If you have single pane windows, for example, the energy savings you could enjoy based simply upon upgrading to new double pane windows is potentially immense. Low e glass, tinted glass, and windows with argon in the space between the panes can add even more to your energy savings.

Improvement in the Home’s Appearance
Today’s window replacement companies offer many different styles and looks to choose from. Consumers can choose to go with a traditional look, or modernize the exterior of their homes with more contemporary styles. Different styles and hardware options can improve the home’s appearance on the inside as well. Simply changing the style of window inside a room can make a huge difference in that room’s appearance.

Increased Ventilation throughout the Home
Window replacement quite often addresses important home ventilation issues as well. In many cases, fixed window units that do not open are replaced with new windows that slide or crank open and have full screens to let air flow through the room while keeping bugs out. The comfort level you can enjoy thanks to increased ventilation is quite often surprising to homeowners following a window installation.

How can I tell if I need new windows or doors?

You may need new windows if. . .

  • Your windows or doors are difficult to open or close.
  • Your windows or doors are drafty with air leaking through or around the seals.
  • Your windows have condensation on the inside of the windowpane.
  • Your windows or doors rattle in the wind
  • The paint on your windows or doors is chipping or peeling.
  • Your house is too cold in winter or too hot in summer.

What other benefits are there for replacing my existing windows and doors?

New windows give your home a beautiful new look while improving energy efficiency, and they add value to your home while cutting down your heating and cooling bills. If you buy high quality, energy-efficient windows and doors, they will payback your investment in the savings you will realize with lower heating and cooling bills. Engineered and well-built windows have been proven to lower your energy consumption by 30-40%!

I’ve heard that window replacement isn’t rocket science. Why shouldn’t I try to do it myself?

Your local home improvement store does not typically stock replacement windows off-the-rack. They might have new construction windows, but these are meant for additions and new structures. Some companies offer replacement windows for DIY but only by special order.

The main problem with self-installation is exterior cladding (frame inside a shell) because special skills and tools are required to properly seal and match the color of the windows. You have to be very careful with installing. You wouldn’t put another engine in your car yourself, would you? You typically go to a mechanic because they are technically minded for that kind of job. It’s the same with window and door installations – let the professionals do it for you!

What does “low-E” mean?

Low-E stands for “low emissivity”. Low-E glass provides year round comfort and energy savings. A low emissivity glass has a reflective coating. In cold weather, it holds in the heat by reflecting it back to its source. When cold, the low-E coated glass blocks UV rays and permits 95% of natural light to pass through it.

What kind of maintenance do new vinyl windows require?

Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free. They are unaffected by moisture, salt air, pollution and airborne chemicals. Vinyl will not pit, peel, flake or corrode making it unnecessary to paint. Cleaning is easy using a cloth and mild detergent.

What is the difference between a nail-on window and a retrofit window?

A retrofit window is a window that is custom built to fit within the opening of an existing window. It is built to fit precisely into the opening and can be installed without disturbing the interior and exterior areas around the window.

A nail-on window is a window that is made to be nailed on to the frame of a house. In order to do this, the stucco around the outside of the window must be broken. The nail-on window is then nailed onto the existing wood members. New waterproofing paper is applied along with new latch and stucco.

How can I get a quote on replacing my windows & doors?

Getting a quote for your window and door replacement project is easy! You can set up an appointment with one of our knowledgeable salespersons and they can come to your home and take the measurements for you.

Click here to request an estimate via email, or contact us directly at 714-996-1807

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